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How do pupils start learning?
I offer the first session as a general consultation to discover the pupil's needs and aspirations. I also offer offer guidance on buying or renting an instrument, as appropriate.

At what age should children start learning the flute?
I start young children's initial lessons on the fife. (see fife information). Generally, by Year 4-5 most children have the physical stamina to manage playing a full-sized flute.

Do children start on the flute straight away?
This is possible, depending upon the age of the child. However, I often advise young students to start lessons on the fife for a number of beneficial reasons (outlined in fife information.)

What are the costs for an instrument?
The fife pack (fife and tutor book) can be purchsed for around 11. Expect to pay around 300 for a new beginner's flute, although many music shops offer reasonably priced hire and buy rental schemes to spread the cost.

How do I choose a flute?
I can provide guidance on recommended makes and models suitable for your child either as a beginner or a more experienced player.

How much practice is involved?
I ask for parents' support in encouraging practice. Generally, little and often is best. Beginners would start with a few minutes each day building gradually to  and ideal of 20-30 minutes each day depending on the pupil's age and level of experience.

Can children take exams?
Many children like take exams as their proficiency increases. Others prefer not to take them. I am happy to enter children for exams as and when appropriate.

Why learn the flute rather any other instrument?
The instrument that you choose to learn needs to be one whose sound and personality appeals to you. The flute is a relatively straightforward instrument to learn and it is perfectly possible to play make a good sound and play simple tunes fairly quickly.

What type of music do children learn?
Children study a wide range of musical styles. I choose fun, interesting and educational music which I hope appeals to all.

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